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The solution for better health.

EsVendo is a social enterprise spearheading the distribution and enabling access to sanitary towels in Kenyan slums using innovative technology to lower cost of hygiene items and delivers them in

safe places free from stigma.


To make this happen EsVendo has integrates vending tools, mobile

and SMS technology to educate, inform and lower the cost of sanitary towels delivery to women living in Kenyan slums.


Over 3 million days are lost every month by adolescent girls because they lack an access to affordable sanitary towels as a way of handling their menses. 1 in 10 adolescent girls living in remote areas miss school during their menses (UNESCO). This girl eventually drop out due to menstrual related issues.

Underprivileged primary school girls in class 6-8 loss 18 out of 108 learning weeks, high school girls loss 24 out of 144 learning weeks. This gaps in learning affect the girls performance. Improving access to affordable sanitary towels, Esvendo is increasing attendance in schools substantially.

Esvendo has created an innovative distribution system that avail affordable sanitary towels to the underprivileged. We aim to increase the uptake of reusable sanitary pads because 65% of women and girls in kenya we cannot afford.

We work with grassroots organizations in the slums to achieve our objectives.

Our Team

John Paul

Eric Caleb

Esther Mwangi

Operations lead


Technical lead


CEO and Founder


How it Works


1.Dial *384*98#



2.Enter the vendor number.



3.Show coupon to vendor to receive discounted price.


Our Partners

We have teamed up with organizations like hospitals, schools and NGO's to ensure that we deliver on our promise.

Get Involved

Get in touch with us to find out how you can join in our cause to improve the lives of thousands of under privileged women and girls in a sustainable way.

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Phone: +254727916020



4th Floor, Bishop Magua Centre, Ngong Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

Who we are

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