How it works.

In Kenyan slum Areas

The vending machines are located in three villages around Kibera in safe areas.


Once the girls access the vending machine, she places a coin and a single pad is dispensed.

Kibera Kiosks

You can find our products at:

Olympic stage/estate area

Integrity shop

Eldon Ondari Kiosk

Maasai David's shop

Kibera Hospital

Our Products are also available at Kibera hospital. Here you can access our products via the numerous vending machines located in the ladies wash rooms around the hospital.

In hospitals

The vending machines that target to service adults in hospitals have an integrated mobile

money system.


The adult can place a coin in the vending machine to dispense a single sanitary item.


The individual can also dial their number in the vending machine which promotes a mobile money withdrawal that displays itself on the customer’s mobile gadget.


 The customer then authorizes the transaction by inputting their secret pin


The machine confirms the payment and dispenses the item requested


How it Works


1.Dial *384*98#



2.Enter the vendor number.



3.Show coupon to vendor to receive discounted price.


Our Partners

We have teamed up with organizations like hospitals, schools and NGO's to ensure that we deliver on our promise.

Get Involved

Get in touch with us to find out how you can join in our cause to improve the lives of thousands of under privileged women and girls in a sustainable way.

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