Can You Exchange Diapers for a Different Size at Target?

Can You Exchange Diapers for a Different Size at Target? Yes, you can! Here’s how the process works and what you need to know.

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In order to provide the best shopping experience for all our guests, Target has a few guidelines in place when it comes to exchanging diapers for a different size. If you have your original receipt and the unused portion of the pack, we will be happy to process an exchange for you. If you don’t have your receipt or the package is opened, we can still offer you a store credit for the current selling price of the item.

What to Know About Exchanging Diapers at Target

If you have bought diapers from Target and found that they don’t fit your baby, you may be wondering if you can exchange them for a different size. The answer is yes, but there are a few things you should know before you go to the store. Here’s what you need to know about exchanging diapers at Target.

The Target Return Policy

Most retailers have a standard return policy which allows customers to return items within a certain timeframe, usually with some exceptions. Target is no different, and their return policy is actually quite lenient compared to some other stores. They allow most items to be returned within 90 days, and they even have a special return policy for baby items like diapers.

According to the Target return policy, you can exchange diapers for a different size as long as you have your receipt and the package is unopened. If you don’t have your receipt or the package is opened, you can still exchange the diapers but you’ll receive a Target gift card for the value of the item.

Exchanging Diapers for a Different Size

Yes, you can exchange diapers for a different size at Target. All you need is your proof of purchase and the diapers must be unopened and in their original packaging. You can make the exchange at the Customer Service desk in-store or by contacting Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869.

How to Exchange Diapers at Target

Yes, you can definitely exchange diapers at Target for a different size! All you need is your proof of purchase and the unopened package of diapers. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Step One: Gather Your Diapers and Receipt

Before you even think about heading to the store, make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork. This includes your child’s diapers and your Exchange & Return Receipt. For swapped items, you will need to have the exact same product. This means that if you bought newborn-sized diapers, you cannot exchange them for size 2 diapers. The same goes for packs of diapers; you cannot exchange a box of 42 size 1 diapers for a pack of 27 size 3 diapers. You get the picture.

Step Two: Find a Target Store

Now that you’ve got your newfound knowledge of how the Target diaper exchange policy works, it’s time to put it into action. Time to take those diapers back and get what you need! But first, you need to find a Target store.

Use the store locator on Target’s website ( to find a location near you. Once you have the address and a general idea of where the store is, add it to your GPS or mapping app of choice so you can easily get there when the time comes.

Step Three: Talk to a Store Employee

If you’re not sure what size to exchange your diapers for, or if you have any other questions, the best thing to do is to speak with a store employee. They will be able to help you find the right size diaper for your baby and make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase.


Based on our research, it appears that Target does allow customers to exchange diapers for a different size. However, it seems that the store’s policy may vary depending on the location. Therefore, we recommend that you contact your local Target store to confirm their policy before making a purchase.

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