Can You Return Diapers to Walmart?

Have you ever wondered if you can return diapers to Walmart? The answer may surprise you!

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It’s not uncommon to have second thoughts about a purchase after you’ve left the store. Maybe you found a better deal elsewhere, or maybe you just don’t need the item as much as you thought you did. If you bought diapers at Walmart, you may be wondering if you can return them.

Here’s what you need to know about returning diapers to Walmart.

Can You Return Diapers to Walmart?
The short answer is yes, you can return diapers to Walmart — but there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, you’ll need your receipt in order to make a return. Secondly, depending on how many diapers you bought, and how long ago you purchased them, your return may be limited to store credit rather than a refund back to your original form of payment.

There are also a few restrictions on what type of diaper can be returned. For example, opened packages of diapers cannot be returned, and only certain types of diapers are eligible for returns (including disposable and swim diapers). You can find the complete list of return restrictions on Walmart’s website.

How To Make a Diaper Return at Walmart
Making a diaper return at Walmart is easy — simply take your receipt and unwanted items back to the customer service desk at any Walmart store. The associates there will help you process your return and answer any questions you have about the process.

What is Walmart’s Return Policy?

Walmart’s return policy is quite simple: You can return most items you’ve bought from Walmart in store or by mail within 90 days of purchase. That said, there are a few items that aren’t eligible for return, such as food, perishables, and certain electronics. Let’s take a closer look at Walmart’s return policy.

General Return Policy

We’re committed to providing affordable prices every day, on everything. So if you find a lower price from an online retailer on an identical, in-stock product, tell us and we’ll match it.

To read the full return policy please click here.

Specific Return Policies

Different products have different return policies. The standard return policy is that most items can be returned within ninety days as long as you have a receipt and the item is in new, unopened condition with all of the original packaging.

Walmart also offers a fifteen-day return policy for many of its electronics and entertainment items, including TVs, cell phones, digital cameras, and video game consoles. For these items, you must have a receipt and the item must be in new condition with all of the original packaging.

Some items are not eligible for return, including:
-Gift cards
-Yard-care equipment
-Computers and tablets
-Perishables (food and flowers)
-Opened software

How to Return Diapers to Walmart

As with most stores, Walmart has a policy in place for returning diapers. If you have a receipt, you can return the diapers for a refund within 90 days. If you do not have a receipt, you can return the diapers for a store credit. There are a few things to keep in mind when returning diapers to Walmart.


If you have your original receipt and the item is in-stock at the store where you bought it, you can return or exchange most items at any Walmart store. If you don’t have a receipt, photo ID, or other required documentation, you may still be able to return or exchange an item if:

-The item is unopened and in new condition
-You paid with cash and have a valid ID
-You paid with a check and it’s been at least 14 days since you paid
-You paid with a credit or debit card and the card is present

Some restrictions apply for returns without a receipt. For example, we may limit returns of certain items, require a minimum dollar amount, or charge a restocking fee. Electronics fall under our 15 Day Return Policy.


If you have a account, logging in and going to your orders will bring up your purchase history. Find the order containing the diapers you want to return, and select “return or replace items.” From there, you’ll choose “return by mail” and enter how many diapers you want to return along with the reason why. You’ll then print out a shipping label to attach to your return package and drop it off at a FedEx location.


In conclusion, it is possible to return diapers to Walmart, although there are some restrictions. The main restriction is that you can only return diapers that have been bought within the last 90 days. Additionally, you will need to have your receipt in order to make a return. If you do not have your receipt, you may be able to get a store credit.

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