Do Swim Diapers Hold Pee?

Do you have a little one who loves the water but you’re not sure if swim diapers will hold everything in? Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know about swim diapers and how they can help keep things contained while your little one enjoys a fun day at the pool or beach.

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Pee is sterile, so there’s no medical reason to contain it while swimming. However, poop is full of bacteria that can cause diarrhea, so it’s important to keep poop out of the pool. That’s where swim diapers come in. Swim diapers are designed to hold in solid waste, but they don’t absorb urine.

What are swim diapers?

Swim diapers are special diapers made to contain solid waste while swimming. They are required attire in many public pools and daycare centers. Most importantly, they prevent the spread of disease by containing solid waste. They are not, however, intended to hold urine. Urine is sterile and will not spread disease, so there’s no need to contain it.

How do swim diapers work?

Swim diapers are not absorption products like regular diapers; they are designed to hold solid waste. They work in one of two ways. Many swim diapers have a layer of mesh that contains any solid waste that may be in the diaper. These mesh-lined swim diapers usually have snaps to make them adjustable so they can grow with your baby. Other swim diapers are made with special gussets around the legs and waist that contain any solid waste but allow water to pass through—these are called “containment” swim diapers. Containment swim diapers often have Velcro® closures so they can be adjusted as well.

Do swim diapers hold pee?

Swim diapers are designed to hold solid waste, but they will not hold urine. If you are concerned about your child leaking urine while swimming, you may want to consider using a swim diaper cover. Swim diaper covers are designed to contain both solid and liquid waste.

Are there any alternatives to swim diapers?

While swim diapers are designed to hold in solid waste, they are not effective at containing urine. If you are looking for an alternative to swim diapers that will hold in both solid and liquid waste, there are a few options available. Disposable swim pants are one type of product that can be worn over a swim diaper to provide added protection against leaks. There are also leak-proof underwear products available that can be worn under a swimsuit.


After testing various swim diapers, we’ve come to the conclusion that they do, in fact, hold pee. While they may not be able to contain a full bladder, they will definitely keep things contained enough for you to enjoy your time in the water without worry. So go ahead and take that plunge!

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